How to Overcome Ineffectiveness

Being Cause2Yesterday marked a new day in history for me. I finally realized the extent of the effect I’d become. It took me years. It shouldn’t take you that long as it seems the younger one is, the easier it is. Sometimes, that is.

I am able to say that I love myself, imperfections and all. And that means my scoliosis and Herrington rod implant.  For some people they might question how or why bother? What difference does it make?

To be able to love myself and to be able to fully be in the present says a lot.  It is being the driver of my life once again…I’m in the driver’s seat.  Lots of healing has taken place…I needed to allow for that space to be consumed with love and life for me to get to that point.

I feel lighter and happier than I have in such a long while. It began with making a decision to be happy about the pain I experience on a daily basis. Shift of viewpoint.  I could complain, grumble or get angry, but no.

Realizing this, I immediately wanted to call my doctor up and thank him.  I did although it was 1 in the morning for him and he was in The Czech Republic on vacation. I explained who I was, my background for some orientation. I simply said thank you and hoped he would understand.  I was so happy he did not leave this life without me telling him I was really grateful for all the pain and suffering I’ve experienced in life. It’s a brand new moment! Each moment. He asked me how I was and I said great mentally and spiritually, and in which all else fades away- the physical.

That is the end of my story about the agony of being Effect when all I had to do was shift the viewpoint😂

I hope you understand, dear reader.

If you or someone you know has Scoliosis or feels the effect of life, then please have them read this post and make a comment.

About Mary Rensberry Author at QuickTurtle Books®

There ARE solutions and answers, miracles, so to speak in life. This is my personal spiritual journey of living beyond the Catholic, Baptist & Non-denominational Churches yet finding strength and confidence in who I am today, a spiritual being. I have a condition called scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, but it doesn't define me. In fact, I am not my body. I am a spiritual being. I am a spirit operating at this time in my body. With your question and most wonderful positive thoughts we can all become more able and successful so that we can transform our lives and live 'heaven on earth'. A miracle! I've written several books published through our business, QuickTurtle Books®. Among them are: The Best of Me from a-z! Traits and Virtues for Kids I AM SPIRIT, The ABC's of an Ideal Spirit Christmas Christmas Everyday My Successes & Wins Journal Colors Talk Nature's Gift to Humanity Fowl Art II Fowl Art Listen Wake's Day It's Black and White, A Turtle Quest for the Ages/Navigating the ADHD Controversy
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