Seeds of Light


My gosh!  I went to the National Heirloom Expo yesterday at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.  What a wonderful event!

I seldom use my blog just to blog, in other words, to talk in hopes that someone will comment.  I really look forward to getting this blog out there; only to educate mostly.

We are at a very crucial time in our evolution where we have a choice to either help or harm ourselves, meaning our environment, too.  This is not new to you as I’m sure you are aware of what’s happening out there in regards to war, famine, drought, climate change, pesticides, vaccines, big pharma, drugs, banks and the like.

But seeds are our future.  Seeds have within them the beginnings of life and will carry us forward to a new golden age where everyone is fed, healed and free.  The heirloom seeds of the past will propel us into the future.  Enough of blame and shame…Let’s all learn our lessons and move on.

Look into those groups that nurture life and support it.  Help and become a partner for change.

There are seeds of darkness just as there are seeds of light.  Monsanto, being into genetically altering and chemically poisoning, is one group that is of the dark.  This group is out to steal our freedom, light and life.  Yes, thought patterns can be changed for that group and others like them, too.

Some of the most amazing beings were present at this expo.  They are certainly beings of light.  Heirloom seeds and programs for communities built around the ideas at the expo will shape our future for the betterment of all.

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About Mary Rensberry Author at QuickTurtle Books®

There ARE solutions and answers, miracles, so to speak in life. This is my personal spiritual journey of living beyond the Catholic, Baptist & Non-denominational Churches yet finding strength and confidence in who I am today, a spiritual being. I have a condition called scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, but it doesn't define me. In fact, I am not my body. I am a spiritual being. I am a spirit operating at this time in my body. With your question and most wonderful positive thoughts we can all become more able and successful so that we can transform our lives and live 'heaven on earth'. A miracle! I've written several books published through our business, QuickTurtle Books®. Among them are: The Best of Me from a-z! Traits and Virtues for Kids I AM SPIRIT, The ABC's of an Ideal Spirit Christmas Christmas Everyday My Successes & Wins Journal Colors Talk Nature's Gift to Humanity Fowl Art II Fowl Art Listen Wake's Day It's Black and White, A Turtle Quest for the Ages/Navigating the ADHD Controversy
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