How to Ban a Blogger

That’ll work!

HarsH ReaLiTy

Step One – Acquire a mortal online enemy.

Step Two – Become annoyed enough by said online enemy that you never wish to see their comments again.

Step Three – Navigate to your admin settings and go to discussion. CaptureStep Four – Decide how much you hate this person and determine if they belong on the “naughty list” or the “jackwagon/perm ban list.” CaptureStep Five – Proceed to enter said dingbat’s name, IP, or email address under the moderation choice. Remember that if you use a “generic” word (Example: Blogger) it can cause ANY username similar to the dingbat’s to get caught by the moderation sweep.

Step Six – Write a post laughing about what you have done so that you get the final word. The final word is everything.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman


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  1. I appreciate the kind reboot!


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