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The Law of Attraction

You get what you put your mind on! What you are minding? 🙂

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a fait accompli

Whatever a person puts his mind to or thinks/dwells on is what is accomplished in the physical.  It’s pretty cut and dried. So what are you putting your mind on?  

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Blogging & Bloggers

You are very passionate about blogging, Jason. Love this post.

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I Smelled Smoke

Last night I distinctly remember getting up in the middle of the night smelling smoke.  It wasn’t coming from nearby and could’ve been coming from miles and miles away.  But nevertheless, I smelled smoke. I went back to bed praying … Continue reading

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Christmas Christmas Everyday by: Mary Rensberry

Check out Christmas Christmas Everyday by: Mary Rensberry in the Online Book Store or click the image below! Check out Mary’s blog at  For more information on promoting your book through  ple… Source: Christmas Christmas Everyday by: Mary Rensberry

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Bette’s Books & Blog…

I am a writer inspired by nature and human nature. I love people, nature, art, music and literature. I advocate for kids and families, childhood literacy and for the protection of monarch butterfli… Source: Bette’s Books & Blog…

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A Start of a New Day-Everyday

What if, just what if, we could all wake up each day and smell the roses besides the coffee? Just a thought.

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Share your blog!

Am reblogging this as to motivate myself and others. Let’s rise to the occasion, shall we?

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