My Background and History

My Catholic upbringing definitely helped to play a big part of my life and still does. While religious for the most part of my life, I have come to believe that I am a Spiritual Being…and not a body, not a mind. I am Spiritual. This was after much study of religions in general and after participating in the I AM movement for awhile. I truly began to see that I was much more than just a body. This made complete sense to me as the materialists would have one think differently.

As I evolved in my faith I relish my Catholicism and still to this day bring it along with me in the Scientology religion. There is no conflict…only a technology that helps me be less of a “sinner”. To sin is to give in to the “devil”-that part of the mind that likes to dramatize in daily life, that draws similarities and does not differentiate, that distrusts. I am more ethical and moral because of Scientology.

Truly, to put on the “mind of Christ” means to be “Clear” of aberration, of sin. I draw upon my Catholic faith, am faith in action as I help others live a more successful life. I support the Church of Scientology and its umbrella organization called the International Association of Scientologists. There are 5 campaigns that help bring about a better world. Having trouble with drugs, communication, human rights or just want to be happier? Want to help others faced with disaster? Then get on board with us-regardless of your background or beliefs as we are all the family of God and God has given mankind this wonderful technological tool called Dianetics and Scientology.

It meshes beautifully with any or no religion. So, what is true for me is true for me. You’ll find the same as well. Today I make decisions based upon the greatest good for myself and others.  I am learning to make decisions “To Be” more and more.  I will continue my course of action.  I want to encourage you to find out more as well.  Check out the websites listed below as a help flow:

This is Science and Religion in the 21st Century.  Learn the Technology and apply it and fight to keep it pure and unadulterated.  Believe in YOU and your inherent potential. 

Mary Risinger

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