Goblin’s Goop

Another hit! In more ways than one!! 🙂

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books

Goblin's Goop Cover 4

Full of Goblin’s and bugs!                                                                                                                               This is a fully illustrated children’s book that is a modern take on the Battle of Jericho.   It is set in the environs of Monsanto’s Evil Empire and is sure to capture the imagination of any child.

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“In seeking the Truth, we discover ourselves…In living the Truth, we define ourselves”. mmr

Source: “In seeking the Truth, we discover ourselves…In living the Truth, we define ourselves”. mmr

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What do you see?

Have you ever really observed something or someone?  What does it take to fully take in and see something for what it is?  Not what you think or believe, but what is truly there.

There’s a game I’d like to play with you:  Take the picture that I’ve posted here below.  What is it you SEE in the picture?  Then comment below and I’ll respond!  Maybe others, too, will play along.lettuce salad

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Stay the course each day.  Be vigilant and constant.  Keep on keeping on.

No matter which words are chosen or decided upon, action is the best course.

Each day is an opportunity to grow.

Check out some helpful things to do.

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Making the World a Better Place

Seems to me that going to confession as a youngster did not impress upon me the action that I did was wrong or harmful to myself or others.  Instead, I was given a Hail Mary and an Our Father to say.  After saying the penance required, I was ‘guilt-free’ or so I thought and often went out and did whatever it was that brought me in the congressional to begin with.

I believe that this type of confession taught me 2 things: 1) that no one else knew about my actions or inactions but the priest and therefore there was no embarrassment on my part and 2) that there at the confessional is where I could go to ‘hide’ what I did that harmed another.   It seems, in the long run, I never did forgive nor forget those things myself as I still felt the guilt and the shame.

As I began to really look at my life when much older and the actions that I did that were harmful to others, I saw the need to do more than just ‘repent’.  I saw that those harmful actions actually recoiled on myself one way or the other.  Call it Karma or the Cosmic Law, I began to feel the effects of what I had done to others and therefore to myself.  I needed to make amends or take responsibility for those actions.  If it was something that I did to hurt another, then I made an attempt to apologize to that person and made proper restitution.

We are not perfect people.  I believe we are basically good.  I believe we come from God and go back to God.  I believe that everyone that looks at life (really looks at things around them and the life of others they are around) can always find something that they can do to help to make this world a better place to live.  Perhaps applying the Golden Rule is what I’m getting at.  I have found a successful action-asking myself ‘would I like someone to do that very thing to me?’

Check out this simple truth and let me know what you think, okay?



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I’ve been thinking a lot about responsibility and honesty lately.  Have you?

So what is honesty to you?  Do you think that someone that didn’t have anything to hide is honest?  Do you think that someone that could admit doing something harmful to someone else and be willing to admit that and then be willing to make amends would be responsible?

Those two words, honesty and responsibility, I believe, need to be thought about more in our world and hold others, besides ourself, accountable to living a more virtuous life.

Better yet, since I’m a believer of action, it would be better if we actually recognized we caused a whole lot of **** to happen (and that’s why we are unhappy) .  If we came clean on that and make the appropriate amends, we would be that much better off…as an individual, a group, groups or the world at large.

Here’s some folks that can actually help you, too, at:  scientology.org

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It’s Attainable

There is such a specialness in each cell of our body & in our heart.  It is Life itself!  Christmas Christmas Everyday can happen because there is no denying Life.  Life continues and it’…

Source: It’s Attainable

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It’s Attainable

There is such a specialness in each cell of our body & in our heart.  It is Life itself!  Christmas Christmas Everyday can happen because there is no denying Life.  Life continues and it’s best if we join forces with Life and Livingness.   Have fun with the book found on Amazon.  Anytime of the year!

Christmas lift your head fill your heart page 6

Follow the author, Mary Rensberry at:  maryrensberry.wordpress.com

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Granted life has its lessons.

And at this time in my life, happiness comes from doing what is right.

Doing what is right entails being responsible and what the greatest good for the

greatest numbers of people are with justice and fairness.

Being responsible means that I’ve got to look life right in the eye

and ask, “What must I give in return?”

Living each moment- with my husband, family, friends and the world.



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Finding the Truth and Living with the Truth

Seems there is much a-do about things in our world.

And who is to know what is actually truth or not?

How can one be sure one is dealing with facts and not just opinions or even untruths?

The bible speaks about truth here:

Behold, You desire truth in the inner being; make me therefore to know wisdom in my inmost heart. Psalm 51: 6

Yes, I truly believe that we all desire truth- or more truthfully said, most of us desire the truth and want to live with the truth. I do believe there are those amongst us that are so taken with greed and power that it has blinded them to the truth. They will come to truth at some point in time….

And here, too, are words of truth:
Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me. John 14: 6

How can we go through Jesus in finding the truth and living with the truth? Why Jesus? and could we find truth through others?

Yes, Jesus exemplified and personified truth. He was and is still able to show forth the Source which is from above, from God, or whatever word you might call that Being. That is why he was able to say that he and the Father were one-spiritually speaking,  the same wave length.

What qualities must one have to find the truth and live with the Truth?

I believe that is a study walking the road to happiness and lies in following that route which leads one to a holier and happier life.

After all, it has been said, what is true for you is true for you.

Finally, does this route encapsulate love and wisdom?

Wisdom in knowing right from wrong, truth from non-truth, facts from opinions or propaganda.

Seek to find the Truth and Live with the Truth with studying scripture/s of your choice

and taking online courses to help you decipher fact from fiction. (http://www.scientologycourses.org).

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