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Religion & Science Come Together

  Together, beautiful art and simple words in one amazing book…check it out my friends. Illustrator Junai Meijer and Author Mary Rensberry share common interests and passions. http://amzn.to/2DDPlh2      

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Mind-Body or Body-Mind Connections

Looks to me it really doesn’t matter from which point or stance you begin with…it’s all in holding in the core foundational truths.  So what’s that mean? It means everything begins with the idea of help in the heart.  That’s … Continue reading

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Stay the course each day.  Be vigilant and constant.  Keep on keeping on. No matter which words are chosen or decided upon, action is the best course. Each day is an opportunity to grow. Check out some helpful things to … Continue reading

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Christ Jesus came in physical form to show us the way, the way to fulfill our divine heritage and potential. Spirit is what is imbued in each of us. Christ is that Mediator. Let us use our heart and mind … Continue reading

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How Spiritual Am I?

How spiritual am I? Let me rephrase that question. Rather the question for me is… How giving am I? How do I feel when I give and share my abundance others? The feeling of that kind of energy is entirely different. … Continue reading

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Religion and Spirituality

Religion is being with a group that thinks like you do. Spirituality is living in the world as a spiritual being. Religions do not hold all of the truth yet those that are spiritual embody the truth.

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